Using Your Smartphone To Manage Your Screen Time

The tools to reduce your phone dependency are at your fingertips.

Our smartphones make it easier than ever to stay connected, but sometimes we may be on our screens too much. To help you find a balance between use and off-time, many smartphones available for SIMPLE Mobile come with built-in screen-time trackers and other available features to help you stay in control of your smartphone usage.

iPhone Screen Tracking

New to iOS is Apple’s Screen Time tracking feature. By tracking data such as the apps you use, how often you use them, your web-browsing habits, how often you check your phone, how many notifications you receive, and during what times in the day you use your phone, you can access a thorough report at any time that accurately reflects your usage habits. From there you can choose from the available restrictive features, including:

  • Down Time: Set a customized time when only phone calls and apps you choose are available.
  • App Limits: Set app limits on a number of different categories, and when the time spent on these apps reaches the limit you’ve selected, you’ll be notified that it’s time to take a break.
  • Content and Privacy Restrictions: Set your privacy settings and block inappropriate content, purchases, and downloads.
Screen tracking for Android

There are plenty of tools to choose from to help you have a healthy relationship with your phone. Named for the cause, the Digital Wellbeing app comes built in to Google Pixel phones, allowing users to utilize app-limits, track your usage, and disconnect more easily. Other nifty restrictions you can use on your Android device include:

  • Hide notifications: With a simple click, you can hide your notifications for as long as you like, giving you peace of mind and helping you reduce your screen time.
  • YouTube restrictions: The latest version of YouTube offers customizable break reminders and data on how much time you spend watching videos.