Phone Grips And Stands That Won’t Break The Bank

Protect your phone by improving your grip with these popular products.

It’s your worst nightmare – you fumbled your smartphone, which fell out of your hands and wound up on the floor. If your screen didn’t crack from the fall, consider yourself lucky – this time. As the size of smartphones continues to increase, we're on the lookout for ways to help users hold their phones more comfortably while decreasing the risk of drops and damage.

You’ve probably seen these handy items around, even if you didn’t know their name until now. PopSocket phone grips stick to the back of your phone with an adhesive and feature a round design, doubling as a phone stand. When holding your phone, they relieve the pressure of its weight in your fingers and wrist, allowing users to hold large devices in a more natural position. As a bonus, the grips add a touch of personality with colorful designs that can be swapped out to keep your look fresh.


Another viable phone grip option, the iRing is made with sturdy metal and adheres to the back of your phone. By slipping your finger through the ring, the weight of your phone no longer poses an issue or jeopardizes your comfort. The ring can also be rotated to its side, allowing it to serve as a phone stand. There are a variety of colors and designs available as well for easy personalization.


One of our top picks for phone stands is the Spigen Kickstand, as its slender design makes it practically unnoticeable. Its thin metal strip adheres to the back of your phone and opens on an angle to prop your device up wherever you happen to be. Unlike other brands of phone stands, this one leaves enough room for you to add a grip or handle as well if desired.